What We Do

Trigate consists of a team of young professionals with different expertises, making it possible to offer a variety of solutions for your business.

App Development

Trigate builds applications for all types of businesses. Whether you are looking for a web shop or an informational application, Trigate can build it.

Data Analytics

Trigate helps businesses to gain insight in their data, increase their revenues, improve operational processes and gain a competitive edge.

Marketing Consulting

Based on marketing data, we give insights and advises on how to optimally reach your customers.

Recruitment Consulting

Using data on recruitment processes in your business, source more efficiently for potential new employees

Understand Clients

Get to know the exact customer needs and learn how to satisfy them

Targeted Base

Filter and target your customer base more accurately with Trigate

Qualified Leads

Make use of quality leads resulted from your marketing actions

Tasks Flow

Improve tasks flow in all business areas with better communication

Improve Business Efficiency

A lot of businesses have an old-fashioned approach when it comes to their business operations. With the use of apps and data analytics, a lot of companies can benefit greatly.


Our Mission

Trigate is founded by a group of highly motivated computer- and data science students. Our goal is to help businesses operate more efficiently and to capitalize a new market with the use of apps.

  • Use data for better decision making and better efficiency
  • Use apps to capitalize a new market
  • Gain a competitive edge